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Missed the pop-up? Read below:

Hello Rose! Welcome to LevelUp!  This app has been specially tailored to YOU! 

This app aims to help you complete your physiotherapy exercises to reach your goal/s of running a 5k.

It will also help you keep on top of your appointments, actively engage you in rehab with your physiotherapist and help you monitor your diabetes. BUT… this is no ordinary app…

Keep track of how much you have learnt and progress by gaining points! LevelUp! quizzes will boost you with bonuses and keys to the next level. With enough points and keys you can and unlock more levels until you reach your ULTIMATE REHAB GOAL! 

Your grand prize is the highly coveted Couch to 5k section which will be unlocked by your physiotherapist once you reach your goal. 

If you want to see this introduction again, or need any help please go to the “Settings & Help” section on the app.

It’s time to LevelUp! Proceed to the Rehab Exercises section to see the intro video on more features and start this week’s exercises.

Problems with the app?

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